Why is this Market Special?

Digital music creation is at an all-time high, creating a golden opportunity
for anyone willing to ride the wave. Over the last 10 years or so, music
creation (specifically rap/hip hop) has slowly gravitated more and more
towards becoming fully or, at the very least, partially digital - creating
an exciting opportunity never seen before.

Practically anyone can create full radio-quality songs with little more than
their home computer!

This is having an amazing effect on the music industry. The amount of new
and upcoming rap/hip hop artists is growing each and every year as more
people are discovering that nothing is limiting them from creating their
own music. There are already hundreds of thousands of people out there RIGHT
NOW who are viciously hungry for the information Beat Generals provides.

Not only is this market already healthy and hungrier than ever... it's GROWING
faster than ever with no peak in sight. And the best part is... NOBODY is catering
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out opportunity for YOU.

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