1. Register for a YouTube account, if you don't already have one.

  2. Download any of the videos you wish to use from the Beat Generals YouTube account.
    We update these videos on a weekly basis as new tutorials are released, so you have
    plenty of fresh content to keep users engaged.

  3. Please note the description that we have on our videos as well as video tags, we try to
    get as specific as possible. If you do not know hip hop music very well, feel free to use the
    same descriptions and tags on our videos - or do some research using the tags we provided to
    create some of your own. If you do know hip hop music well, please feel free to add your own
    tags, descriptions, and anything else you think will compliment the videos or make your videos
    stand out.

    Aside from specific producers' and artists' names, you can also target our key market by just
    using terms like: FL Studio Tutorials, Fl Studio Tutorial, or other variations of that. Searching
    YouTube using those two terms can give you a lot of ideas for keywords that do well by just
    looking at the number of views on the videos in the search results, and then adding those
    keywords to your videos as well.

  4. Once you have the basics figured out, please make sure to use keywords in your video title
    and have a working affiliate link in your description. We prefer to place the link as the first
    thing in the description and any other text below it, as this proves most effective in generating
    traffic. You can use something along the lines of "SIGN UP NOW! ( or
    affiliate link)" to make it super simple for viewers to find our website using your affiliate link.

  5. If you have any video editing skills, feel free to add any necessary footage to the videos.
    Most of our videos do have intros though, so try not to drag it out too long if you add your
    own, since this may cause the viewer(s) to lose attention and interest quickly.

  6. Chances are, just uploading your videos with no other work isn't going to get you the views
    you want. An easy way to attract people to your page is to find other videos in the niche and leave
    comments on them. You can search for other tutorials, hip hop producer interviews, or instrumentals
    from other producers. Once you find these videos, don't leave comments that sound like spam, try
    to make them sound like you actually know what you're talking about.

    People in this market are very hungry for feedback so leaving comments that make you sound
    like an expert can help drive people to your page. You can use stuff like "Very nice bassline,
    if you want to bring the punch out of that kick, boost around 100Hz. Check my page if you need
    any help!". Just make sure that any advice or feedback you provide in your comments is genuine
    and accurate.

    For example, if you offer advice that is obviously wrong or makes no sense, this makes you look
    bad and you won't get much traffic. Just be sure that you know what you're talking about if you
    use this tactic.

  7. Incorporating these videos into your websites outside of YouTube can help you a lot, as
    well, due to the fact that people enjoy watching something much more than reading a bunch of
    text. We're in the age of video, use it!

Good luck and please let us know if you need any help at all!